Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How will you be remembered?

What will your memorial be? When people consider your life years from now what will they be thinking about you? Don't figure we will make the history books but what will probably happen is that we will be remembered by the lives we've touched in some way.
This Sunday we will be remembering those who have served and some who have given their lives so we may enjoy our freedoms. These who have died gave the supreme sacrifice. I don't want to ever forget those men and women.
In Matthew 26: 6-13 Jesus said a certain woman would be remembered by her act of sacrifice and adoration spurred by his approaching death. She had a compassionate loving heart toward Jesus and she has not been forgotten. Her example teaches us some important truths.
Her action showed that love is shown through service. She did something to show how much she loved the Lord. She didn't worry about the cost of the gift she gave him. Too often thats all we think about. What's this going to cost me? This woman knew what was important and she acted on her belief with a personal sacrifice.
May we be willing to show the same service, giving, and obedience to our Lord!

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