Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cons and Cover-ups

In my opinion there are many good people being conned by many TV and mega church preachers. Cons and cover-ups claiming to be Christian are not new and neither are the Elmer Gantry's out there. A monk named Johann Terzel conned the commoners of his day into buying indulgences that would allow them certain freedom to commit certain sins. He took the Catholic creed on purgatory and reduced it to this quaint little couplet:

As soon as the coin the coffer rings,
The soul from purgatory springs.

Much of the faith movement today says God doesn't want you poor and God doesn't want you sick. They prey on poor people who are suffering in some manner or who are in destitute financial straights. I don't believe you can show me anywhere in the Bible where it says a Christian will never be sick, never be poor, never have harships as we live in this world.

Those early Christians suffered and died for their faith. They became outcasts and criminals in the eyes of the Romans. Jesus said he was sending us into a world where it was like sending sheep into the middle of wolves. He said we would be hated in this world if we named the name of Jesus. Jesus is always a trouble maker. People don't like their sin exposed so they hate Jesus and they hate his followers.

Also we live in a fallen, broken world. It's because of sin. Death is the result of sin. Everyone is going to die unless Christ returns during their life time. Scripture says, "It is appointed unto men once to die and after that comes the judgment." Death is a certainty and we'd best be ready for it by being in Christ. Don't fall for the idea that being a Christian will make you immune to suffering, disease, or poverty. The promis is that God will be with us through all our suffering and life experiences.
Study and read the Scriptures for yourself. Don't be spoon fed or say amen unless you know it is the truth.